Touro University Recognizes National Infant Immunization Week

Vallejo News, April 24, 2013 (Issue 73) 

Touro University has partnered with the Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD) and Solano Coalition for Better Health (SCBH) to observe National Infant Immunization Week. 

The initiative, created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of childhood immunization. 

Each year, thousands of children become ill from diseases that could have been prevented by basic childhood vaccines. 

Touro, VCUSD and SCBH will host an "Immunization Awareness" event at Elsa Widenmann Elementary School on Thursday, April 25 at 9:15 a.m., to highlight the importance of protecting infants from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

"National Infant Immunization Week provides a valuable opportunity for our community to tell people how important it is for children to be vaccinated," said James E. Foy, D.O. FACOP and Director of Pediatric Care at Touro University California. 

The event will be held at 100 Whitney Drive in Vallejo and available to anyone interested in the relevance of immunization and enrollment outreach. Community members and parents are encouraged to attend.

A list of clinics offering immunizations can be found by visiting Touro University's website.