Touro Library Construction

Vallejo News, August 1, 2013 (Issue 87) 

Touro University California recently completed a makeover of their library. The remodel encompassed the building in its entirety, including the demolition of a kitchen, walk-in freezers and ice boxes, study rooms and a small combination classroom-computer lab.

The renovations resulted in three multi-purpose classrooms which hold up to 34 students, a dispensing lab, a clean room, 13 study rooms, office spaces for the librarians, new carpeting, and 34 new floor outlets to support students with uninterrupted use of electronics.

Also included in the renovations were the addition of six new offices for the Information Technology department, an IT workshop with static-free floors with static-free workbenches, a new server area with an emergency diesel generator for back-up power and an archive storage area with a water-free fire suppression system and climate control.

Touro now has state-of-the-art classrooms that can be configured to meet a variety of needs with power for personal electronics and the most up-to-date Audio Visual systems to provide students with the best learning environment. Touro University is located at 1310 Club Drive on Mare Island.