Touro University Garners Grant

Vallejo News, April 3, 2013 (Issue 70) 

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Grant has been awarded to Touro University California, only one of 10 universities in the nation to receive the offer. The Grant is designed to create models of implementation for other teacher preparations programs in California and the nation. 

The Grant will help create online learning modules and digital learning tools which will be used in the Credential and Master's programs.  Touro will use seven "elements" courses designed by Intel, who is funding the grant. 

"The Graduate School of Education infuses technology and innovation into all of its programs," said Justin Herd, Director of the Graduate School of Education at Touro University. "This grant will further those efforts and allows Touro to assist in creating the future of education." 

To support alignment of the courses with Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge framework that is the foundation of the AACTE Innovation and Technology Committee research agenda, Intel will provide travel scholarships, mini-research grants and most notably royalty-free licenses to their elements courses aligned with the Common Core State Standards.