Richard Rico: A doffing of hats

By Richard Rico, The Reporter
POSTED:   03/16/2014 01:00:58 AM PDT

I TOURED Touro University's medical campus in Vallejo this week. Let me say this right off: I'd have a hard time following a lecture on hypovolemic shock -- one of a billion topics in a classroom we visited -- when beyond its windows dunes of emerald lawns dappled by shadow and light rolled past historic Navy shipyard buildings and spilled into the sparkling straits of Mare Island. A place of legends and a slice of heaven in the hell of med school. Touro's 1,400 students, learning everything from osteopathy to pharmacy, balance geography with pathology every day. Monday, Andrea Garcia, director of external relations, gave us a Cook's tour. It included the anatomy lab occupied by -- how shall I say? -- specimens of learning. Touro Vallejo opened in 1999. It bought 44 acres of century-old buildings wherein war ships were spawned, then spent $millions to give birth to a new generation of medical specialists. (Google Touro U.) 

A med school in a colorful venue could be a test. I'd fail because my head is out the window. If not, I'd be a brain surgeon.

* * *

TOURO and NorthBay Healthcare are partnering in student residency, working with N'Bay medical director surgeon Dr. Pete Zopfi, who also teaches at Touro.

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