Odd hours norm at Lacey clinic

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Pharmacy Choice

Unable to see her regular doctor, and not willing to wait a long time to be seen at a walk-in clinic or emergency room, Alicia Clark of Centralia traveled to Lacey on Sunday to try something different.

The new clinic, called Sunday Clinic, was opened last month by Dr. Brandon Elrod and his wife, Amanda, at The Marston Center in Lacey, 677 Woodland Square Loop SE. It was created to provide more convenient hours for patients it's open Saturdays and Sundays and evenings by appointment during the week as well as cater to uninsured patients.

The Sunday Clinic is not free. It charges from $60-$100 for those who don't have insurance, although that fee is negotiable if the patient can't afford it, Elrod said. He had a recent patient who could afford to pay just $40 for the visit, and the clinic accepts payment plans for as little as $10 per month, he said.

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