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Honoring 'our warriors' key message at Vallejo Veterans Day event

Only 1 percent of the public serves in the military, people attending the Veterans Day celebration Friday at Touro University were told. Col. Michael Higgins, commander of David Grant Medical Center at Travis Air Force Base, said the center heals, protects and trains heroes.

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Nestor Aliga: Come out and support vets

You are all cordially invited to these Veterans Day commemorations in Vallejo this Friday and Saturday. On Friday, Nov. 10 at noon, at the Mare Island Hospital Flagpole, 1310 Club Drive, Touro University California (the West Coast's first private Purple Heart university) will hold its "Veterans Day Celebration -- Connecting Generations." It is hosted by the TUC Military Club and light refreshments will be served.

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Fairfield, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Vallejo to host Veterans Day events

Touro University California's Military Club is starting a day early at noon Friday in front of the century-old Mare Island Hospital at 1310 Club Drive for a student-led commemoration ceremony called Connecting Generations.

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Inside the $1 Million Fight to Hold South Carolina's For-Profit Virtual Charter Schools Accountable

Michael Barbour, an associate professor of instructional design at Touro University California, has written extensively about virtual and for-profit schools. "I've said it many times: When you are operating schools on a business model, they become widgets and the bottom-line thinking becomes, 'How can I maximize profits for this widget?' " he told The 74.

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Wildfires stressed wine country's healthcare system, creating a crisis and a warning for future

Dr. Scott Witt kept close behind the ambulance carrying the newborns. On his motorcycle, he drove over and ducked under downed power lines. He swerved around embers blowing onto the highway.

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Online school receives millions from state despite poor performance, unconventional spending

One of Indiana's largest high schools ended this past school year with almost 5,000 students, but no desks and no classrooms. The school also had very few graduates--61 out of more than 900 seniors graduated last year. What Indiana Virtual School did have: Tens of millions in state dollars due to come its way over the next two years, and a founder whose for-profit company charged millions of dollars in management fees and rent to the school.

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ADA: Lifestyle management key to treating patients with diabetes

"The cornerstone of treatment of patients with diabetes is lifestyle management. In the vast landscape of advice on diet and exercise, it is important to give evidence-based recommendations on lifestyle management to our patients with diabetes," Kim Pfotenhauer, DO, assistant professor of medicine in the primary care department at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, told Healio Family Medicine.

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Napa Wildfires Update, Part Two: 6 Specific Actions For Moving Forward

Diaz also said that finding medication and open pharmacies was a problem for people in the community. "We worked with representatives from Touro University to drive patients to pharmacies for free so that they could access their much-needed medications, particularly those with diabetes in need of insulin" he said. "Touro University was a valuable partner throughout this ordeal."

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Overweight Children and Adults Get Significantly Healthier and Quickly with Less Sugar--Even if They Don't Lose Weight

Osteopathic physicians suggest shifting the conversation from weight to health for overweight children and adults, asking patients to reduce their sugar intake to see measurable improvements in metabolic function. Improved measures of health can be seen in less than two weeks of sugar reduction, according to a review published in the August edition of The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA).

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New faces at Western Sierra Medical Clinic

Doctor's Zarlasht (Zari) Fakiri and David Narita, who have more than three decades of family medicine experience combined, have joined Western Sierra Medical Clinic and will help meet the increased demand for primary care services in the Auburn and Grass Valley communities.

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Three doctors join Sanford Bemidji

Sanford Bemidji recently welcomed Dr. Maritess Asumen, Dr. Michael Jaje and Dr. Paul Lappinga to its team of providers. Asumen joined the family medicine team at Sanford Bemidji, 1611 Anne St. Clinic. She received her medical degree from Touro University -- California in Vallejo, Calif., and completed a residency at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center in Niagara Falls, N.Y

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Epicast: 139 Dr. Roger Mignosa: Movement, Breath, & Brain Function

True healing calls for an integrated approach to our physical, mental, and emotional wellness. - Dr. Roger Mignosa From head to toe, we are all highly connected and comprehensive human beings. The physical and mental aspects of our life affect each other in powerful ways and the seemingly separate systems of the body are actually heavily interrelated.

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Last two free Touro lectures on incarceration, public health

There are two more free lectures planned at Vallejo's Touro University as part of a series focusing on the health impacts of incarceration -- not just on inmates, but also on their families and communities.

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This is the healthiest way to sit at your desk

Think your sitting posture is pretty good? Here's a fun exercise: Ask a friend at work to snap a pic of you at your desk when you least expect it, suggests Stacey Pierce-Talsma, chair of osteopathic manipulative medicine at Touro University California.

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Overweight Children and Adults Get Significantly Healthier and Quickly With Less Sugar--Even If They Don't Lose Weight

Osteopathic physicians suggest shifting the conversation from weight to health for overweight children and adults, asking patients to reduce their sugar intake to see measurable improvements in metabolic function.

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