TUC Recognized for Producing Most Primary Care Clinicians

Times-Herald Staff Report:

With a shortage of primary care physicians expected on the horizon, Touro University has been recognized for producing the most such physicians in California.

The California Primary Care Association gave the Vallejo university a 2012 “Hero” award.

The school has also gotten similar recognition from U.S. News and World Report in prior years. 

Touro dean of college of osteo-pathic medicine Michael Clearfield said the country has a “great need” for primary care providers which is only going to grow as the population ages.  Primary physicians are also needed due to the number of chronic diseases expected to proliferate in the future, Clearfield said. 

The high cost of medical school precludes students from entering this field and sends them more into medicine specialties, he added.  Primary care physicians, he added, are in great shortage throughout the country, including rural areas and inner cities.  “The number of people that are going to require medical care is going up at an extraordinary pace, but with that, the number of providers is not keeping pace, he said. 

Touro’s Provost and Chief Operating Officer Marilyn Hopkins called the designation a "wonderful honor.” 

The association is a statewide leader representing California community clinics and health care centers.