'Alien yoga': The truth about the wacky trend you're seeing on Instagram

Fox News
By Moira Lawler

If you keep up with the latest yoga trends, and things like goat yoga and salt yoga are old news to you, you’ve likely come across Instagram posts of yogis contorting their stomach muscles into shapes that give off alien vibes. “Alien yoga,” which is technically called Nauli, is one of six yoga moves that falls under the label “Kriya,” Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO, MS, an associate professor at Touro University California COM, told Fox News.

It’s a different type of yoga than many Americans (even the most devoted yogis) are used to. “Western yoga classes are mostly vinyasa based, and the focus is on asana — the poses and breathing,” Danielle Acoff, a yoga instructor who demonstrates Nauli on her Yellabella Instagram account, told Fox News.

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