Insulin Resistance: When We Are the Problem

Commentary by Jay H. Shubrook, DO and Stephen A. Brunton, MD

Jay H. Shubrook, DO: I am Jay H. Shubrook, family physician and diabetologist at Touro University in California. We are going to continue our series on practical insulin use in primary care. I am happy today to have Stephen Brunton, MD, executive director of the Primary Care Metabolic Group, who is going to talk not about physiologic insulin resistance but rather about clinician resistance to the use of insulin. Welcome, Steve.

Stephen A. Brunton, MD: Thank you. It is a pleasure to be here. It's a very interesting topic. I like the way you introduced it. We have always talked about insulin resistance being something that is the result of patient resistance. However, a lot of insulin resistance comes from practitioners. We resist using insulin for many reasons, and that has an impact on getting our patients to target.

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