Stopgap medicine for the homeless

Touro University California School of Nursing Students and Faculty volunteer their time providing free medical care to the homeless.

The Reporter, Vacaville
By Richard Bammer,, @REBammer on Twitter
Posted: 08/26/16, 6:12 PM PDT

It is 4:30 p.m. on a typical midsummer Friday outside Epiphany Episcopal Church, 100 degrees in the shade in downtown Vacaville, where some 20 or 30 mostly homeless men and women have gathered for a free, nutritious meal and, possibly, some free medical care inside the 300 West St. house of worship.

Tracy Sauerwein, 44, of Fairfield, who is not homeless but came to see a friend who volunteers at the church, sat down at a table staffed by two Touro University nurses who are checking blood pressure and blood sugar levels primarily but also lung function, body temperatures, and feet condition for anyone who asks for the services.

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