Lifestyle changes will reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics in just two months

The Health Site
By IANS | February 2, 2016

Just two months of healthy living classes can significantly reduce the risk of common diabetes complications, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, limb amputation and microvascular complications, says a study. At present, nearly 30 million people in the US suffer from diabetes and one in three from pre-diabetes. Community-based interventions provide social support and give specific instructions that help move patients into healthy habits, revealed the study. In some cases, it also enables patients to reduce medication. Sixteen two-hour classes were conducted, which were focussed on the basics of a healthy lifestyle to substantially reduce cardiovascular risks associated with Type 2 diabetes and soaring blood glucose levels during fasting, the researchers said.

[...] 'This study supports the osteopathic philosophy of medicine, including that diet and exercise are the most effective prescriptions physicians can give patients struggling with lifestyle diseases like Type 2 diabetes,' said Jay Shubrook, diabetologist at Touro University in California.

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