Early Insulin: Better First Treatment for Type 2?

By Kathleen Doheny | October 23, 2015

Patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes may do better long term if they go on early, intensive insulin treatment instead of the standard route of using oral medication first, according to new research.

In a pilot study, researchers assigned 23 men and women diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the previous six months to go on either intensive, early insulin therapy for three months or to go on oral agents that were stepped up as needed for 15 months. All got diabetes education  about the importance of meal planning, diet and exercise.

"Twelve weeks of intense insulin therapy followed by observation for a year was as good as oral therapy intensified every month for 15 months," says Jay Shubrook, DO, director of clinical research and diabetes services, Touro Universisty California in Vallejo.

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