You Can Also Add Sugar to the List of Things That Are ‘Toxic’

New York Magazine - The Cut
By Susan Rinkunas | October 27, 2015

As Americans continue to choke down more sugar than ever, rates of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease have risen even as people are consuming less fat. Robert Lustig of the University of California, San Francisco, wanted to see if he could prove that sugar causes chronic diseases. For a so-called "proof of concept" study, Lustig and his team had 43 obese kids ages 9 to 18 fill out detailed food questionnaires to figure out how many calories they ate daily. Then, dietitians created plans that nixed most of the added sugar from their diets and replaced it with starchy, processed carbs. The change slashed their sugar calories from about 27 percent to 10 percent but they kept total calories the same. (This way, in theory, any health consequences observed couldn't be attributed to weight loss. If they started losing weight, which some did, they were instructed to eat more.)

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