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Meditation Garden Planting Party
Friday, May 5, 2017

Meditation Garden

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Touro University California took part in #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving. On Tuesday, November 29th, friends of Touro donated and took part in the creation of a meditation garden that the entire campus community could enjoy. Our students need a dedicated space so they can step away from their busy routines.

With a dedicated area for wellness, the meditation garden will help improve the lives and mental health of our students, as well as that of faculty and staff. The garden design will include drought resistant succulents and grasses, calming outdoor decorations, a box to store yoga mats, and fencing to ensure that the space remains quiet and secluded.


Hiroe Hu Giving Tuesday

"As medical education can be an arduous path, learning how to take a few moments out of your day to take a breather is extremely important. As a WARM curriculum student leader and campus yoga instructor, I saw that our campus was in dire need of a quiet 'space' where students can escape and collect themselves."

— Hiroe Hu
College of Osteopathic Medicine '19


"Students need a quiet place to reflect on their busy lives.  Developing a space for students to ground themselves in their senses and breathe between activities can help contribute to a healthy campus community and healthy individuals.  A meditation garden on campus could allow students to actively prioritize self-care, mindfulness, and balance and help model it for others."

— Drew Walther Scott, Ph.D.
Psychologist & Director of Counseling Services

Dr. Drew Scott
Mohammad Khorsand - Giving Tuesday

"I can recall a handful of moments during medical school where I would've wanted a quiet place to gather my thoughts, but I had to resort to sitting in my car. It is my hope that with the establishment of the meditation garden, students will have a place where they can momentarily leave their studies and maybe use this space to be introspective regarding their thoughts. It's easy to neglect one's emotional well-being when one does not have an area, like the meditation garden, that can be dedicated to activities other than studying.  My vision for the meditation garden is a serene environment, lacking any distractions, that could be used by students and faculty members, so they have an opportunity to reason through their thoughts and return to their work in a more productive mood."

— Mohammad Khorsand
College of Osteopathic Medicine '19


"Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to academic success and overall well-being. This meditation garden would provide a space for students seeking to enhance their experience here at Touro."

— Veronica Padilla,
Joint MSPAS/MPH '19

Veronica Padilla, Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

"Amidst the intensity, vigor, and excitement of our busy days, we all would benefit from a meditation garden on campus.  A space that is a quick walk from our classes and is aesthetically pleasing would embrace us.  We would be blessed with a rare opportunity to take a moment and attempt to reach another plane of imagination or inspiration or just breathe deeply and relish all we should be grateful for...a moment to enjoy our surroundings."

— G. Leela Raja
College of Pharmacy '20


"Using the meditation garden will give me a nice quiet space to relax in between classes and study sessions. Balancing classes and my professional schedule, it can be difficult to find a relaxing moment of peace and quiet. Viewing natural scenes like the garden on beautiful Mare Island, can help with stress recovery and create positive feelings."

— Taurean Gibson
Graduate School of Education

Taurean Gibson

Verna Sabio

"Daily meditation has lowered my stress levels from work and school. I have a new appreciation for nature and all of its beauty."

— Verna Sabio, RN
School of Nursing '17