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Ewan Sinclair

College: COM

Department: Basic Sciences

Title: Senior Research Associate

Phone: (707) 638-5408

E-Mail: ewan.sinclair@tu.edu

Office: Lander Hall, Rm. 103A

Dr Ewan Sinclair specializes in method development for the quantitative analysis of small organic molecules using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LCMSMS). Analytical methods include techniques such as solid phase extraction, isotope dilution, derivatizations and a strong focus on quality controls.

Dr Sinclair spent 5 years at the Wadsworth Center in Albany New York, followed by 6 years at Columbia Analytical Services (now ALS Global) in Kelso Washington.

BSc. Hons. in Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland (1996-2001)

Doctorate in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology from The State University of New York at Albany (2001-2006)

Characterizing the fate and movement of small organic molecules is strongly dependent on accurate measurement in complex matrices. Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LCMSMS) is a sensitive and selective instrument capable of resolving and measuring chemicals based on their chemical properties and mass. Isotopes and biomarkers can be employed to ensure accurate measurement and minimize false positives and negatives.

Furthermore, mass spectrometry allows the mass resolution and measurement of natural isotopes. Measuring the distribution of natural isotopes provides a powerful tool in elucidating metabolic pathways and rates.

E. Sinclair, D. Mayack, K. Roblec, N. Yamashita, K. Kannan (2005). Occurrence of perfluoroalkyl surfactants in water, fish and birds from New York State. Arch Environ Contam and Toxicol 50(3):398-410. Presented at SETAC 2005 Maryland

E. Sinclair, K. Kannan. (2006). Mass loading and fate of perfluoroalkyl surfactants in wastewater treatment plants. Environ. Sci. Technol. Mar 1;40 (5):1408-14

Presented at SETAC 2005 Maryland 

E. Sinclair, S .Kim , H. Akinleye , K. Kannan. (2007) Quantitation of gas-phase perfluoroalkyl surfactants and fluorotelomer alcohols released from nonstick cookware and microwave popcorn bags. Environ Sci Technol. Feb 15;41 (4):1180-5

K. Kannan, L. Tao, E Sinclair, S. D. Pastva, D. Jude, J. Giesy (2005) Perfluorinated compounds in aquatic organisms at various trophic levels in a Great Lakes food chain. Arch Environ Contam and Toxicol 48(4): 559-566

H. Nakata, K. Kannan, T. Nasu, H Cho, E. Sinclair, A. Takemura (2006). Perfluorinated Contaminants in tidal flat and shallow water areas from the Ariake Sea Japan. Environ. Sci. Technol. 40(16); 4916-4921

B. Loganathan , K. Sajwan , E. Sinclair , K. Kumar , K. Kannan  (2007) Perfluoroalkyl sulfonates and perfluorocarboxylates in two wastewater treatment facilities in Kentucky and Georgia. Water Res. Jun 22

American Chemical Society (ACS)

American Chemical Society (ACS) peer review appreciation certificate.

Senior Research Scientist

Columbia Analytical Services (CAS) now ALS Global


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