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Abraham  Pera

Abraham Pera

College: COM

Department: Primary Care

Title: Associate Professor

Phone: (707) 638-5923

E-Mail: abraham.pera@tu.edu

Office: Faculty 1, Rm. 105

Dr. Pera graduated from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1977.  He performed his Family Medicine residency at CCOM and, 4 years later, returned to do a Radiology residency at the same institution.  Fellowship in Body Imaging at University of Texas MD Anderson was performed thereafter.  He began his academic career at Michigan State University in the Department of Radiology, where he started the Osteopathic Residency program as a consortium of 4 hospitals.  He was the first program director of this program.  After 4 years, he pursued his career in private practice in Diagnostic Radiology.

Dr. Pera has been a lecturer at Touro University California, College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) since 2001 for Diagnostic Radiology.  He subsequently joined the faculty full-time in 2007 in the Primary Care Department.  He then became the Associate Dean for Clinical Education and moved to the position of Senior Associate Dean for Touro California COM 2009. 

Dr Pera as of June 2013 has moved back to the Primary department where he is a full time faculty member.

Institution Degree Field of Study Obtained
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine Doctor of Osteopathy   1977
University of Illinois Bachelor of Science Biology 1973

Dr. Pera has been involved in teaching nearly his entire career in medicine.  Actively in a teaching position at Michigan State University, involved in student clinical rotations throughout private practice and again in full-time academic medicine since 2007 at Touro.

1982- 1985 Chicago college of osteopathic medicine 
Medical student lectures in clinical usage of radiology 
Lecture titles included: approx lecture hours--- 10 hrs per year 
•IVP examinations in the patient with flank pain 
•Upper GI exam in the acute abdomen 
•Lower GI exam in the acute care patient 
•Evaluation of the CXR 

1986- 1989 Michigan State University 
Lectures to medical students in the College of Human Medicine:Lectures to medical students in the College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Initiated the Michigan State Osteopathic Residency program in Diagnostic Radiology, and was the first program director for the consortium program

Clinical Systems course lectures 
Lectures titles included: approx lecture hours--- 20 hrs per year 
•Evaluation of the upper abdomen by CT and Ultrasound 
•GI bleeding evaluation with radiographic modalities 
•The acute abdomen – radiographic evaluation 
Preceptor and Lectures to medical students and residents for Body and Spine MRI 

2000-Present TOURO UNIVERSITY California 
Adjunct asst. professor with lectures in Clinical Systems 
Lecture titles included: approx lecture hours--- 20 hrs per year 
•Radiology introduction to the Modalities 
•Ionizing radiation risks and exposure in clinical radiology practice 
•Lectures in body systems 
•Female and male Radiologic evaluation of the pelvis 
•Radiographic evaluation of the CNS 

Dr. Pera's interests in research have included diagnostic imaging for lymphoma and gastric ulcers with innovative imaging using Sucralfate with nuclearmedicine.  Recent interests include utilizing Ultrasound in a teaching environment to increase students in anatomy and various labs in clinical orientations for doctoring labs.

Abraham Pera, Gale Harris, Jill Fisher, James Siebert, Philip Kirlin, Bari Oliver, Richard Hallgren, Cardiac Function Evaluation By Magnetic Resonance Imaging, BSRG Grant 1988. Internal grant from Radiology dept. Michigan State University 

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Pera, A., Weisgrau, R., and Harle, T.: “Radiographic Manifestation of AIDS.” JAOA 87:48-59, 1987 

Pera, A. and Freimanis, A.: “The Choice of Radiographic Procedures in the Evaluation of Breast Disease.” Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America. 14:635-650, 1987 

Pera, A., Capek, M., Shirkhoda, A.: “Lymphangiography and CT in the Follow-up of Patients with Lymphoma.” Radiology 164:631-633, 1987 

Gift, D., Pera, A., and Moore, J.: “Introduction to MRI.” JAOA, 89:315-327, 1989 

Moore, J., Pera, A. and Frumkin, N.: “MRI in the CNS.” 
JAOA, 89:636-644, 1989 

Pera, A., Freimanis, A., and Moore, J.B.: “Current Indications for MRI.” JAOA, 89:470-476, 1989 

Zaroukian, M.H., and Pera, A.: “Diagnosing Osteomyelitis.” Surgical Rounds for Orthopedics, 2:17-26, 1988 

Pera, A., Sierra, A., et al: “Radiographic Evaluation of Sports Injuries.” Primary Care Sports Medicine, D.M. McKeag, D.O. Howe, E. Zemper (eds), Little Brown & Co, Boston, MA (1992) 

Floyd J. Trenery Memorial Medal Recipient 2009

Fellow of the AOCR (American Osteopathic College of Radiology)

Karibo Resident Paper Award Winner from AOCR 

Burroughs Wellcome and National Osteopathic Foundation 
Research Fellow 

Graduated Medical School with Special Commendations in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine-Oncology 

Graduated University of Illinois with Honors 

Employer Title From - To
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine Associate Professor 2000-present
St. Joseph Hospital Chairman, Department of Radiology 2006- 2007
Humboldt Radiology Imaging Center Medical Director 2003- 2007
St. Joseph Hospital Staff Radiologist 1997-2004
General Hospital Staff Radiologist, General Radiology 1992-2004
Hemet Valley Imaging Medical Group, P.C. Staff Radiologist 1989-1991
Michigan State University Assistant Professor of Radiology 1986-1989
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